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The Millionaire Mindset | T Harv Eker

Why You Should Think Like A Millionaire As The Way To Success

A lot of individuals in the world want to learn the millionaire habits and bring forth their inner abundance to wealth creation in this world.
And there are some who have actually already made plenty.
If we take a closer in-depth consideration, we can note that there are likewise plenty of people who have actually not been successful at wealth creation or the way to success.
Because they do not have the appropriate approach towards bringing forth the resources needed, it's so much.
As you dive into this section consider that the Course in Miracles teaches, "The recognition of having is the willingness of giving, and only by this willingness can you recognize what you have."
Let's take a look at those who do have the correct approach to the way to success and the millionaire habits:
People who are already millionaires have completely a different mindset and point of view in their thinking and work.
And for this reason this is the basic thing those other people who are not millionaires don't have, the ideal technique; I mean how to think like a millionaire.
Be a Millionaire
Nowadays though wealth creation has actually become quite simple for some because of online cash making, many people are still not having the right mindset, which I mean the way to success by learning the millionaire habits.
There are some really great 'way to success" free e-books, videos, memberships, and so much more online today that are truly effective if you truly want to think like a millionaire and become one.
The better ones teach you how to reflect your inner wealth given to you in the Creation, and make it manifest in the material world.
A few of the features follow:
Previously I discussed free available material on the net about the state of mind that the most successful on the planet have learned to live by.
There are the millionaire masters themselves who teach you ways to bring forth prosperity to your material world, and exactly what are the techniques and pointers and ideas that were utilized by them to reach this position.
- Being provided appropriate training of how to make the income you deserve after you have joined them. Be sure you're offered total information through you via email.
- You should likewise get monthly lessons and training sessions revealing to you how to think like a millionaire thereby altering your complete attitude and method.
- The membership products I've researched of the better ones show you how to quickly release and let go of poor ways of thinking.
Many online systems and products I've been drawn to myself, likewise provide you insights into the real secrets and developments that true marketing millionaires understand.
Discovering Motivating Stories
You may likewise familiarize motivating stories of how these typical individuals made their path from the prison cell of life to the penthouse in the sky.
By looking deeper into this group of people who want to make the millionaire habits their lifestyle, you will in fact understand exactly what truly controls the success that you get or you don't get.
The best of the systems assures and makes certain that you utilize this information to your benefit.
Through real life examples of company models and techniques which only come from proven successes, you will undoubtedly learn to bring forth prosperity and abundance to your life.
Some systems allow you to get all the information, suggestions, techniques and everything for free on a trial basis.
You just need to be a willing participant in your pursuit for the way to success.
Again, I say, but in a different way, that, people who are currently millionaires have altogether a various attitude and point of view in their thinking and work.
(Please note I also recommend seeking further on the web for helpful material on the qualities of successful people who have ever walked among us.)
To success and happiness in life!
You can find related info on topics like, 'on the qualities of successful people who have ever walked among us.' and so much more:
The link above gives you access to further helpful material and for folks who are interested in letting go of the past and moving on in life to attaining Real Abundance, Purpose, and Wellness in their lives.

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THE BILLIONAIRE MINDSET - Motivational Video (from the great achievers o...

Success Habits And Secrets Of Successful People: How They Achieve A Prosperous Life

It takes guts, insight and decision to choose to become a business owner and to help you might want to consider some ideas from the secrets of truly successful people.
Running a one-person organization is an imaginative, difficult and flexible way to become your own employer and chart your success in life, to be and prosper in good health with vibrant over-all well-being.
It is about developing a life, as it is about making a living.
From the relatively safe cocoon of the corporate world, where paychecks get here regularly, you might otherwise be thinking about venturing into the unchartered territories of an entrepreneurial service.
Is there a method to figure out whether you can adopt the success habits and be an effective business owner, or you are better off to work for someone else?
Most effective business owners share this bundle of qualities I will mention today.
To attain the kind of success and a prosperous life that you want, you need to dream big.
I mean, you need to have big dreams for yourself - which you desire to be someone rich, satisfied or popular deep within to your inner-most-core.
You need to have a clear vision of exactly what you want to accomplish.
As you read along and absorb what this article offers you, keep in mind this principle from the text of the Course in Miracles stating, "When you have accepted your mission to extend peace you will find peace, for by making it manifest you will see it."
Effective business owners who have the secrets of successful people possess an attitude of openness and spiritual growth.
Yes, it takes tons of faith that you can have what you want if you can merely imagine it as the primary step on the path of action to acquiring it.
Management gurus have taught us the power of visualization - seeing yourself in your mind as having accomplished your dreams.
Visualize yourself signing books for a crowd of people who have actually lined up to have your autograph, if you desire to be an effective writer and author of helpful books and more.
If you want to be rich, see yourself in glamorous surroundings holding a fat savings account, and the procedure of picturing success for you should be a consistent activity!
True Belief
You have to believe that you will be prosperous in life every waking hour.
An individual self-improvement coach shared her little secret to help her constantly picture her objectives and goals for the moment: when opting for climbing up the stairs instead of an elevator, recite your objectives with every foot step upward you take.
If you desire more money, say within yourself, "I will have the resources I need," in every action of the stairs.
This technique will strengthen your objective and keep it fresh in your consciousness.
Be passionate and enthusiastic about the process with exactly what you do. You begin a business to change any or all part of your life.
To achieve this personal transformation, you have to establish or reveal an extreme, individual enthusiasm to the secrets of successful people and change the things that are holding you back so you may live life at your full potential.
Real Passion
Previously I discussed wonderful free information online in the form of e-books and videos about manifesting the life you truly want.
Success in life comes easily if you love exactly what you do.
Why is this?
It's due to the fact that we are more unrelenting in our pursuit of objectives and goals about things that we like and adore.
If you dislike your job today, do you believe you will ever be successful at it? Not in a million years!
You may plod along, even end up being skilled at the jobs, but you will never be a terrific success at it.
You will achieve peak efficiency and do what you have to do to prosper just if you are doing something that interests you, or something that you want and appreciate to extend, to where it helps others in some manner.
Business owners who practice the secrets of successful people do not mind that they are putting in 80-90 hours a week to their company due to the fact that they absolutely like what they do.
Success in life is all about persistence and diligent work, which can just be attained if you are incredibly passionate with your activities, and even with the not-so-fun little details we must address.
Focus on your Strengths
Let's face it; you can not be everything ALL THE TIME to everybody. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses.
To be reliable, you need to determine your strengths and focus on it. You will end up being more effective if you are able to transport your efforts to areas that you do best.
In business, for example, if you know you have excellent marketing instincts, then harness this strength and make complete usage of it.
Look for assistance or support in areas that you might be horrible at, such as accounting or bookkeeping.
To change your weakness to strength, think about taking hands-on learning more about your inner Self, perhaps begin a collection or library at home or office with personal transformation videos, books, CD's, and so much more.
You will need to learn to be ALL YOU CAN BE!
Never dwell on Failure
The late Wayne W. Dyer, said something like, "It is not in the nature of your inner real Spirit to begin by quitting."
By the way it was Wayne Dyer who inspired me on my own writing career, and I tell that story in my books.
As an entrepreneur, you need to completely be occupied on your goals and objectives, and of the secrets of successful people is in 'knowing' you can do it.
Believe that exactly what you are doing will contribute to the improvement of your environment and your personal self.
You should have a strong faith in your concept, your capabilities and yourself. You need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the ability to acknowledge and fulfill them.
The more you can develop faith in your capability to attain your objectives, the more rapidly you can obtain it.
Your confidence needs to be stabilized from the pitfalls of calculated threats that you need to take to achieve higher rewards.
Effective entrepreneurs that own the secrets of successful people are those who evaluate and minimize lacking thoughts and fear of failure in the pursuit of revenue.
Plan Accordingly
You have a vision, and you have enough faith and love in yourself to think that you can attain your vision.
The Course in Miracles teaches, "Only love is strong because it is undivided."
Do you know ways to get your vision to become a reality in the material world by using the power of manifestation and reflection principles?
To accomplish your vision, you need to have concrete objectives that will provide the stepping-stone to your ultimate vision.
Put your goals in writing; not doing so just makes them as intangible fantasies.
You have to prepare every day in such a way that your every action contributes to the achievement of your vision.
(Please note I suggest searching the web for further helpful material on topics like, a deep exploration of the millionaire habits and how successful people grow.)
To happiness and success in your life!
You can find related info on topics like, 'on the importance of self-improvement goals in a personal growth plan for the success and happiness you deserve.' and so much more:
The link above gives you access to further helpful material and for folks who are interested in letting go of the past and moving on in life to attaining Real Abundance, Purpose, and Wellness in their lives.
Hi, I'm James Nussbaumer, I'd like to introduce myself through my thought provoking self-improvement and inspirational books, articles, videos, Podcast, and other content for a better life, where I reflect on the principles of A Course in Miracles. It's about being all you can be and a life of success and happiness. Thank you for visiting.

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Millionnaire Mindset Subliminal Affirmations for Wealth & Abundance - Al...

The Top 7 Mistakes Newbies Make While Building Their Online Empires

The internet began in the 1980s and became mainstream by the 1990s when the likes of Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay, and Google jumpstarted their empires. By the middle of the 2000s when YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter opened their doors for the masses to jump in, the world had become a huge flattened global village. Today we are the citizens of the world. George Orwell's nineteen eighty-four, first written in 1949, is here but unlike the dire prediction of 1984, the internet has democratized communication and commerce and nothing can stop its onward march.
While it took many global brands hundreds of years to acquire the status MNC (Multi-National Corporation) the internet is producing globe-spanning companies and billionaires at a rate and speed never seen or heard in history. While before the internet boom, there was only one documented employee who later became a billionaire, in the person of the late Roberto Goizueta, the former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of one of theglobal brands, the likes of Steve Ballmer, Tim Cook, and Meg Whitman, to mention three, became billionaires while directors and employees of Microsoft, Apple and eBay respectively.
Needless saying the founders of the global e-commerce giants like Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, to mention the topmost echelons are billionaires many times over. By 2018, Jeff Bezos had become not only the richest man in the world but the richest in all of modern history, with his net worth topping $104billion, barely 23 years after founding Amazon.
From publicly available information, the top 5% to 10% of employees in most of the global internet giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ali Baba are multiple millionaires. The internet, of course, has also aided other global giants like Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, Microsoft, HP, and GE, to explode further also making a bigger percentage of their employees millionaires like never before.
While you needed millions in capital and thousands of employees pre-internet to scale your business operations to make it to the big league, today you can become a millionaire with just your laptop and internet connectivity. Indeed, today the extent and how fast you can grow to millionaire status is limited only by your imagination.
To show how imagination triumphs online, let's take the founder of CD Baby, Derek Sivers, as an extreme example. An introvert, looking for a cure he joined a circus and became a clown; perfected his guitar playing skills; started producing songs; and became a musician and an artist. Long story short, he produced a music CD, which shops around his neighborhood would not stock. To solve his problem, he set up a website, CD Baby, in 1998 and started selling his music there and also invited other musicians to join. Just ten years later, he sold CD Baby for $22million in 2008.
Expectedly Americans, people from Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel dominate the internet but anybody from any part of the globe can jump in. As someone who has studied the internet phenomenon for a while, these are the top seven mistakes that newbies to the internet make from my own opinion. Read and learn how to zigzag your way to internet success.
1. Hanging out solely with the internet 'gurus': Beware of gurus. They are in a class of their own. While the majority of them have made a further fortune online, the majority of the more familiar names made theirs before the advent of the internet. Why follow the gurus when you're not in the same league with them? It's like learning to run 100 meters dash and heading to the Olympic to compete with the likes of Usain Bolt, Florence Griffith-Joyner and Magic "Bullet" Johnson, and the like. You'll only end up in frustration. The solution, look for someone who is three to five steps ahead of you and learn from her.
2. Trying to do many things at the same time: Doing this is going to be your fastest road to failure because you're going to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Do you want to set up e-commerce, a market place, membership website, or do you want to learn HTML, how to code, develop software, or do you want to learn search engine optimization, develop eproducts, or apps? Decide and focus single-mindedly until you prevail in one area before you jump to another.
3. Not putting in enough effort: It's easy to be misled into thinking that making millions is a walk through the park and anybody can do it. Thanks to motivational speakers, you're made to believe anything you can visualize and believe in, you can achieve. Beware, if it were that easy, we'd all be millionaires. True, it's easier to succeed online than offline because of the ease with which you can scale, however, you still need to burn the proverbial midnight oil, put in the hours, toil and sweat, put in sufficient capital investment and learning before you start seeing the needle moving in your favour.
4. Lacking Skills or relying on shallow skills: When people read books and watch YouTube videos with headlines such as, How I Made My First $1million Online, How I Sold 1million eBooks Online and Set It All Up And Go Have Fun And See The Millions Roll In, they take in what they hear hook, nail, and sinker." Again if it were that easy everybody would be a millionaire. As Tony Robbins consistently says, "It's not what you know it's what you consistently do" that matters. Though thousands are making it online, the technology for spectacular success is quite formidable and beyond the grasp of the majority of people. So be prepared to learn new skills like making videos, writing copies, scripting, podcasting, webcasting, doing webinars and so on. Though you can outsource things that are beyond you, you still need to know who you can outsource to and even what to outsource.
5. Not developing online assets early enough: Online assets such as websites, blogs, YouTube channels, vlogs, eproducts, to mention a few, enable you to scale fast and monetize early. The mistake most newbies do is to wait until they are perfect. You don't need to be perfect to get your first website up and running. Sometimes newbies think the website is about beauty. It's not. It's about functionality. Though aesthetics has its place, what is paramount is functionality. Can people interact easily with you and your website or blog? Without online assets it's difficult for people to know you, meet you and enter into dialogue with you. So tomorrow get someone to design a website for you. If you have nothing to put there, just put your picture and say hello, my name is Internet Newbie. You may say I'm on Facebook; just know they serve different purposes.
6. Not Getting A Coach Early Enough: Derek Bok, the former president of Harvard, has the following quote attributed to him, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." The biggest mistake you will make while trying to carve out a piece of the internet cake for yourself is to go it alone. You can, but beware, you may spend years trying to figure things out what to do while what you already knew or was in vogue is already obsolete. Sure, you can learn literally anything through Google and YouTube, smart newbies get coaches and mentors to show them the way around the web. Some newbies think they cannot afford a coach or coaches because they erroneously believe coaches are for elites tennis players like Serena Williams, elite boxers like Floyd Mayweather, and elite golfers like Tiger Woods. Nothing can be further from the truth. Anybody can afford a coach. It all depends on where you're looking. Go out and look for a coach and you would have surmounted all the other mistakes in one fell swoop.
7. Lacking Mental Toughness: This is the toughness mistake to overcome. Newbies who lack mental toughness get easily discouraged and give up too soon. If you've not read the book, Acres of Diamond, borrow a copy from your local library and devour. Mental toughness means believing in your vision, mission, and goal. It's noteworthy to say that Amazon lost money for 58 quarters (about 14 years) before it became stupendously profitable. If you lack all the other ingredients but develop mental toughness, you will prevail.
I have arranged these mistakes in order, with the ones easy to discontinue or discard at the top and the more difficult ones at the bottom. Mindset cuts across all the other mistakes. Take care of your mindset and your mindset will take care of the other mistakes. Do not just believe in your vision, start doing, start implementing, start executing, start getting your hands dirty! You don't' need more knowledge. What you need is full belief in yourself, believe in what you already know, and an effective coach to show you the tweaks, bends and turns of the internet and before long you would have carved out a piece of the internet cake for yourself and loved ones.

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Professional Forex Trading Course Lesson 1 By Adam Khoo

6 Practical Benefits Of Forex Trading

Forex trading is a very exciting activity that requires an individual to have a mix of discipline and analysis. With the right knowledge and ability to read charts or financial reports, there are plenty of opportunities to make a profit on buying and selling currency pairs. Let's take a look at a few reasons why the Forex market is so popular:
Eliminates the middleman
Most individuals using the Forex market have the option to trade directly without the needed to rely on a middleman to broker the transactions. All pricing for the currency pairs is determined by the market responsible which significantly helps to speed up the trading activity.
No commissions
Forex trading does not rely on brokerage fees, exchange fees or cleaning fees. Most of the brokers involved in the Forex market earn a commission thought the bid/ask spread amount. Under normal trading conditions, the bid/ask spread amount is often less than 0.1%. However, for the high volume traders, this can be lowered to a rate of about 0.07%.
24-hour market
The Forex market is open and available to trade at any time of the day or night. This is certain to appeal to the part-time traders that have limited free time. Whether is it morning, midday, or nighttime, it is possible to place a trade with other active traders elsewhere in the world.
Low entry barriers
Traders in the Forex market have the option to get started with a very small trading account which can be as small as $20/25. This is completely different to the futures, options, or stock markets, which require a substantial trading account to get started.
A basic micro or mini account is a practical option for the first time trader. While it is more beneficial to have a start-up capital that is more than the bare minimum, the low entry barrier is certain to be appreciated by the average individual that only has a small amount to invest.
Wide open market
The Forex market is at such as size and with so many active traders that it is impossible for a single entity to have a major impact or influence on the market prices for a long period of time.
Access to free resources
The majority of the brokers involved in Forex trading offers a variety of free resources to help learn the basics. This can include opening a demo account to build your skills by actually placing the practice trades. Also, there are plenty of charting services and real-time news feeds to stay in touch with the latest information.

Discover more about the best Forex trading system in the market.

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Earning $11,000 vs. $60 in a Day

The Best Forex Trading Strategies

Traders have been in debate to what the best Forex trading strategies are for years. That debate is likely to continue for many more years to come. What most people that are new to Forex trading want to know is what is the best and how can we identify it as the best. I want to first of all consider what a trading strategy is then look at two different types and asses them both.
A Forex trading strategy or system is simply a set of rules a trader will use to enter, exit and adjust his trade. The strategy may consider fundamental analysis, technical analysis or a bit of both. The answer to which is the best cannot be determined by simply looking at the results of a strategy but by looking at the trader as well. Psychology is the single biggest issue traders' face when carrying out a winning or losing trade. The ability to be able to stick to your own rules during a losing or winning trade can be challenging. It is for this reason many traders will turn to automated trading systems to beat the psychological issues they are faced with. Auto trading using EA's has its benefits but it is a proven fact that markets are in fact random which means a strategy working today may not work tomorrow.
What about a mixture of both?
You could be the best analyst in the world and still be a terrible trader! How many times have you taken a trade with all your analysis in your head then exited early or not taken the trade at all. A common scenario is not taking the planned trade because you couldn't commit then taking a random trade that wasn't planned and losing. Sounds ridiculous when you read that scenario but it happens every day.
Imagine a system where you could use your own analysis to set up a trade then use a trading system to take over and carry out your settings so you didn't have the Psychology to deal with. Surely this would be the best Forex trading system. The good news is these trading systems are about but not many people are giving them away. You could however have a program coded for you that takes trades based on your rules and eliminates the psychology. If you have a system that works on a manual basis but only works with certain market conditions then this could be the best Forex trading strategy.

Adam discovered very early on that trading forex required a serious approach in order for it to be of long term profitability. Adam has now been trading for 12 years independently and using his hybrid strategy of automated and manual to make serious profit from the Forex market and claims it as the best forex strategy.

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How to Become a Successful Self Made Forex Trader

To really be successful at Forex trading, you need to have it at the back of your mind that Forex will definitely pay you well if you'll only work hard with patience and consistency. The market may already be saturated with traders, but there is always room at the top if you're willing to pay the price.
Forex is the largest market on earth, with a trade volume of over $4.5 trillion. That is a huge amount of money, but it's more or less expected when you consider that most currencies, if not all, are traded in the Forex market. People from different locations around the globe take part in it, and it has been in existence since the days of trade-by-batter, when it wasn't known as Forex.
However, so much has changed since the inception of Forex. In the past, Forex trading was as simple as using gold and silver as a method of international payment (which were usually affected by global supply and demand). These days, prospective traders with the view of a successful Forex career will have to be more specific and familiar with the modern strategies of the Forex market.
Here are questions you must ask yourself if you want to be a successful Forex trader.
Before you even register with a Forex broker to trade Forex, you need to make up your mind to do what it takes to be a successful trader; otherwise you'll just while away your time and eventually quit. You may think that your drive at the moment will see you through Forex ups and downs, but successful and experienced Forex traders beg to differ - human psychology is a major Forex demon.
It is an established fact that human psychology, if not controlled, can ruin a trader.
If you're not able to control you psychology, that means you allow your emotions to come into play all the time, controlling how you approach a trade. If trades are going well, emotions are high; you're happy, and willing to continue trading. If trades are not going well, you feel bad, and unwilling to continue.
On the other hand, if you learn to control your emotions and not allow them to come in the way of trade, then you can leverage your psychology in trading. You know that there are bad times, but you also know that they will pass with time.
If you do not have a strong determination to make it big as a Forex trader, it is only a matter of time before you throw in the towel. Every successful trader out there fought the battle of the Forex market, and so should you.
Just like education is important in life, it is also important in Forex trading. You most likely do not need a degree to be able to trade Forex, but you have to study the proven tactics of Forex to help you trade better.
For you to get it right as a Forex trader, you must understand the following
1. Terminologies used in Forex trading
2. The different strategies applicable and when they can be applied for maximum benefits.
3. Forex time zone
4. Forex brokers
5. Trading platforms and software
6. Forex news
7. Trading tools
A good knowledge of all these and more will put you in a better position to trade the market profitably, even as a newbie.
It is important to note that studying the Forex market is a continuous process so long as you're a Forex trader. That is the only way you can keep up with the indisputable changes that take place in the market.
While you're researching on what there is to know about the Forex market, take some time out to do quality research on how and where to find a reliable Forex broker. Having a good broker goes a long way to determine if your trades will be successful or not.
To find the right broker for you, you have to first of all select a number of reliable brokers with good reputation based on your regional regulatory compliance. Beware of brokers that are not regulated by authority bodies; they tend to operate carelessly, and they cannot be questioned by anyone; unlike the regulated ones monitored by the regulatory bodies.
Go ahead to narrow your selection down to find out what broker can meet your specific needs as a Forex trader. Most brokers will allow their prospective clients to test their services with a demo trading platform before deciding whether to register with them or not. You're allowed to experiment with as many trading platforms as possible to help you choose the best broker to work with.
Also take note of the packages offered by the broker and go for the one that best suits you. Be sure to consider the initial deposit, spreads and commissions, leverage and margin, etc.
Never register with a broker on the account of a positive review or reference. There are different kind of brokers and traders, and it is your responsibility to carry out researches to find one that best suits your style as a Forex trader.
A demo account is a "pretend" Forex trading account. It has almost everything you can find in a real Forex account, except that it is not real. It is a simulated platform where traders, old and new alike, can trade Forex for free.
With a demo account, you can
- Trade with simulated money
- Test a broker's services
- Get familiar with a particular trading platform
- Gain notable experience about the Forex market
- Develop a Forex strategy suitable to your trading methods
- Learn to control your emotions while you trade
So, you see. Demo trading is really necessary.
As a new Forex trader, you'll be amazed to find out there's a huge volume of strategies for Forex trading. There are so many of them that it is confusing and stressful trying to find the right one to trade with. A lot of them are not simple enough for new traders, and should be avoided. It is always better to start with the simplest ones and then add to it as you progress in knowledge and experience of the trade.
Understand that you don't need to develop a trading strategy yourself, especially if you're new. Choose from a number of strategies designed by professional traders to benefit newbie Forex traders.
Note that it is at your own risk to trade with any strategy; and a strategy that worked gloriously well for mister A may be a disaster for you if you trade with it. To avoid this, be sure to test any strategy on a demo account to see if it's a good fit.
There is no need to hurry; the Forex market is always open to traders from all over the world. To this note, it is best to take your time and approach Forex trading with caution at every step of the way. Failure is inevitable, but if you've really made up your mind to trade Forex, no failure will be enough to deter you.
If you fail, dust yourself up and try again. Do not stick to a particular strategy if it's not working well for you. The same applies to brokers and trading platforms; change them if they're not a good fit for you. Learn something new about Forex trading every day, practice what you've learnt, with steadfastness, and success will find you.

Hi there,
I am UC, a professional freelance writer.
If you'd like me to write for you based on Forex trading, business, and finance, get in touch with me through my email -

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Monday, 22 April 2019

Simple Strategies That The Pros Use In The Forex Market

Investing in Forex can be an anxious and risky endeavor. This is because of the volatile nature of the market due to the fact that it is the world's most actively traded market and operates 24 hours a day. However, this does not mean it is impossible to reduce that risk and profit from it. This article shares some of the best tips in Forex that can help an investor do just that.
Overtrading and trading with emotions on Forex will get you in trouble every time. Don't get too greedy when you're on a winning streak. Don't try to get revenge after losing an important trade. Use strategies based on clear thinking or the result will cost you money.
While trading Forex, it is important that you stay humble and patient. If you begin to believe that you have a magical knack for picking out investments, you could end up losing a lot of money. Each investment that you make should be a well thought out investment so that you can minimize loses.
Learn about the currency pair you plan to work with. If you take the time to learn all the different possible pairs, you will never start trading.
Don't ever trade money in the Forex markets that you need to meet your basic financial needs every month. If you are working on a deadline to pay your mortgage or your utility bills, you will trade emotionally, not rationally. Forex trading shouldn't be done as your only source of income, and should only be done with money you can afford to lose.
If you don't want to entrust your money to a managed Forex account but also don't have a lot of time to spend trading, try a computer program such as Trade Copier to help you. These types of programs allow you to program your strategy and then the computer takes over using the parameters you have set.
When participating in Forex trading, you must decide whether to go short, go long, or do nothing. With a rising market, go long. With a falling market, go short. With a market that is not moving, you should stay out of the market until it moves one way or the other.
To do well in Forex trading, discuss your issues and experiences with others involved in trading, but the final decisions are yours. While you should listen to outside opinions and give them due to emphasis, it is solely your responsibility to determine how to utilize your finances.
A good Forex trading tip is to be aware of your intentions. If your decision to become a Forex trader is because you desperately need the money, then you're in it for the wrong reasons. Having a genuine interest in trading is what makes a good Forex trader.
To find reports of Forex brokers and brokerage companies that are scamming people, do a Google search using the search terms [company name] + [scam]. This helps you quickly find reviews, blog posts and websites with fraud complaints against the company which allows you to avoid shady brokers and brokerage companies.
Every Forex trader should begin by playing with a demo account, but the really smart ones hang onto their demo accounts even after entering the real markets. Demos continue to be useful to traders by giving them a testing lab for new strategies and tactics. Trying out new plans through a demo account is the only risk-free way to assess their viability.
Do not start trading Forex on a market that is thin when you are getting into Forex trading. A "thin market" is a market in which doesn't have much public interest.
A good way to earn success in Forex is to start out by practicing with a demo account. This will allow you to learn the ropes, understand the currencies and form a strategy, all without having to enter a single penny into a live account. And the best part is that there's no difference in the way the market operates from the demo to the real.
You'll need certain rules to live by if you're expecting to make profits in the Foreign Exchange Market. One such rule to live by: Always buy the dips in an uptrend market and always sell the bounces in a downtrend market. This formula is very simple to understand and can be very profitable if you adhere to it.
If you want to know more about exchange rates, you can take a college course about it. You do not have to get a whole degree: you can enroll in most universities or colleges as a non-degree seeking student and select the business courses that would improve your Forex trading skills.
You can get used to the market better without risking any of your funds. There are also many websites that will help you understand the basics.
Many experts and books recommend that beginning Forex traders limit themselves to trading one currency pair. What goes unmentioned is that experienced traders should also stick to one pair or two or three at the most. The reason is simple: Forex success relies on an exhaustive understanding of how a currency pair trades. A trader spread too thin over too many pairs will not have the knowledge needed to turn a profit with any of them.
It is wise to go with the trend. If you notice a trend on the Forex market, play it safe and go with the trend. Trading against the trend does not necessarily mean that you are going to lose, but it is a very risky move to make and will take a toll on your nerves and require much more attention.
Find a good Forex broker to work with. Choose a broker that can offer tight pips spread so they can give you a better profit. If the pips spread is too large, it is going to be difficult for the trader to get any profits. Check the broker's background before investing any money with them.
Forex should not be treated as a gambling game. People who are delving into Forex just for fun are sure to suffer. It is a better idea for this kind of thrill.
Investing in general, and particularly investing in Forex, does have inherent risks; however, as this article has shown, there are definitely ways to reduce that risk effectively. With the proper knowledge and strategy, ventures into the Forex market can be consistently profitable. Having a solid foundation based on knowledge and strategy also makes a more confident investor.

Cameron Nyack is an Accountant and Business Consultant currently involved in the Health Care sector. Learn more about Cameron at his website,

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Sunday, 21 April 2019

How to Make Money in Microstakes | Online Poker Strategy

How to Make Money Playing Satellite Poker Tournaments

Most poker players over look satellites unless it is a tournament that they want to qualify for. But, if you are a tournament player, there is a lot of money to be made playing in online satellites and often live satellites for bigger events as well, such as WSOP tournaments or WPT events at the Bellagio and so on.
For now, let's just take a quick look at online satellites.
Every poker site will offer a multitude of satellites for a multitude of tournaments. One of the keys is that you will be paid with an entry into a bigger buy in tournament if you win the satellites. However, you can always 'un-register' for the larger tournament if you win. Depending upon the site, they will usually put some kind of ticket or tournament dollars into your account and then you can use this money to play any other tournament at any other time. You do not have to play in the tournament that you won the satellite for.
You cannot cash this 'tournament' money out as cash, but you can use it to enter tournaments that will pay cash and you can use it at any time, there is no time frame expiration. So, in other words, you could win 10 satellites for the same tournament and simply bank all the money, using it later at your leisure in games that you will win actual cash. This is a great leverage on your money.
I will often times find a satellite that I like the format of and play it over and over again. A couple of weeks ago on PStars, I found a $55 satellite for a $216 buy in. I played in 4 of these and won entry every time, so my investment was $220 and my gross winnings were $864 giving me a tidy profit of $644.
Plus, you don't have to WIN in a satellite, you just have to finish in the top number of places. So, if I didn't have a great tournament and would not have had a shot to make the final table had the tournament been played all the way through, it doesn't matter as long as I finished in the top 20 or 30 or whatever it was in that tournament. You don't have to dominate, you only have to finish 'good enough'
One of the tricks is picking the right tournaments to play. Stay away from the satellites where there are 800 people playing for 20 seats. These are tough and they are usually very low buy in compared to the entry fee you will win: something like $5.50 for a $216 seat will usually attract way too many players for too few seats. Your chances of winning a seat are not good enough.
I usually find a sweet spot in mid level type entries, like $55 for a $240 seat or $7.70 for a $55 seat, and so on. I also look for a larger number of guaranteed spots as compared to the amount of entries that tournament seems to be getting. On PStars last week I found a tournament that was costing me $16.50 for a $55 entry. There were 20 seats guaranteed and there were around 30-35 players entered in each tournament. Those are pretty good odds and I won a seat in all 5 tournaments that I played in. Look for these kinds of satellites rather than the long shot ones.
It takes some time to scroll through the hundreds of tournaments available as satellites on online sites.However, once you know what you are looking for, these can be a very profitable spend of your money and pretty easy to win as well.

Chris Wilcox is the author of the 224 page No B.S. Guide to Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold'em available as an ebook from and is the author of a daily blog with over 600 quality articles on all things poker related.
He has over 10 years experience in playing online and live tournament poker including deep runs at the WSOP. Chris is also one of the foremost Poker Coaches in the country, providing one on one live coaching for poker players wanting to take their game to the next level.

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HOW TO CREATE AN ONLINE COURSE �� (That Pays You $1,000 A Month Or More!)

You Need Your Own Digital Product

Having your own information product is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Your own digital product can help you to build and establish your brand. You can recruit affiliate marketers to promote your products for you. Best of all information products are easy to create.
Information products are a billion-dollar business. They range from eBooks to audio recordings to video courses. Once created, they can be digitally downloaded while you sleep. The money is automatically put into your PayPal account. It is all automatic and you don't have to do any more work.
Udemy is just one provider of online courses. They have 4 million students and 20,000 courses and over $93 million in annual revenue. Lynda is another big name online course provider doing $100 million in annual revenue. And there are many more online course providers.
But how much can you make with your own online course? Udemy claims to have 10 instructors who made $1.6 million in one year. The average instructor does not make that much money on Udemy. But the only way for you to find out how much money you can make is to create your own information product and sell it.
Some of the big name infopreneurs are making millions selling their own digital products. Check out Warrior Forum, Warrior Plus and ClickBank to see what these big-name marketers are selling.
This make money while you sleep is the big draw of becoming an infopreneur.
When you own the product, you control what happens to your business.
If you don't own your product you don't have a sustainable business. Having your own information product allows you to build a list of buyers. The list is yours. It can't be taken from you. The list is your business asset. You can now market to your list.
Here are some of the benefits you get from producing information products:
You get to keep 100% of the profits.
You get to set your own prices.
You get to hire affiliates and control how much commission you pay them.
You have complete control over the content.
By having your own products, you become an authority in your niche.
Product creation is the fastest ways to break into a niche and profit. You build an email list of buyers that you can promote to over and over again.
Information products are cheap and easy to make. Once you get good at creating them you can do it in a day or two. You can create a sales funnel of your own digital products. You can create higher price products. The higher priced digital products are the key to a sustainable online business. And you will get to keep the profits.
You can diversify into other niches and create multiple streams of passive income. You can sell your products on multiple platforms. Some of these platforms do all the marketing for you. Now they will take a bigger commission for doing the marketing but you can truly make money while you sleep.
Once your product is created in one form like an eBook it's easy to convert it into another form such as a video course or even an audio course. It's easy to make templates and quick start guides as bonuses for your product.
Once your product is created it can produce income months and years later without any more effort on your part.
So, if you really want control over your own destiny you can get started by learning how to create and produce your own information product.
Product creation is the fastest ways to break into a niche and profit.
Your own information product will establish you as the "go to" expert in your market.
Find out what steps are needed to create your digital product.

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How To Create & Launch An Online Course In A Weekend | Interview with Mi...

How To Make Money By Giving A Free Course

Suppose you could give away free access to a course to anyone and everyone.
And further suppose that by giving away the course, you can make $10,000 a month.
Interested? Here's how one bloke (we'll call him Jim) is doing exactly that:
Jim created a large, comprehensive course aimed at newbies who want to start an online business.
Mind you, he didn't create it from scratch. Rather, he took the best PLR he could find and repurposed it into a massive course that teaches people all of the main methods of online marketing, such as PPC, affiliate marketing, list building, flipping websites, Amazon, selling software, creating info products, blogging and so forth.
In the course, he includes the basics of each method and encourages his students to choose a method and get busy building their business.
Then for each method, he promotes an affiliate link for the 'best' in-depth course in each category.
Now pay attention to this next bit - he only promotes recurring courses. That is, membership type courses and sites that bill month after month.
So when he makes a sale, he's going to continue to get paid on it for as long as that person remains a member.
It gets even better, because he also promotes related products such as web hosting, autoresponders and so forth. Anything that makes sense, works and bills monthly is a product he's likely to promote.
And he doesn't even stop there. He is also creating his own recurring courses on each topic. Once he finishes a course, he puts it online and then changes the corresponding affiliate links to his own course.
He likes to make each course a set length of time such as six to eight months, because he's found the students tend to stay longer and pay more when there is an 'end' in sight.
And of course inside each of his own courses, he promotes corresponding products that help his students build their businesses better and faster.
He does all of this by first building trust with his list, showing that he knows what he is talking about, and being the reader's advocate and teacher.
Creating the trust is crucial, and it's pretty darn easy, too. When you tell your readers the good and the bad of any money making method, they start to trust you. Remember, most marketing emails for online business type products are only telling the subscribers how great something is. They don't tell what's not so great. But he always gives his opinion, both good and bad, and because of that people love him, trust him and pretty much do whatever he says to do.
So by the time he gets around to promoting affiliate links, his readers are taking his suggestions without a second thought.
I know he's earning at least $10,000 a month with this method, and frankly he's not working all that hard, either. The main thing he focuses on is continuing to bring new people into his free course, knowing that eventually he will make one or more sales to many of them. And when he does, those sales will be recurring.
It's a great business model and one that almost anyone can duplicate. Remember that your target market is newbies and folks who haven't seen much success yet in their online business.
And you can monetize this even further if you like, by promoting special deals to your readers who have been with you long enough to trust you, as well as selling solo mailings to other marketers.
One thing - if you decide to sell solo ads, I'd advise you generally only send the ads to those subscribers who have not purchased from you. It's a way to monetize your non-buyers, without annoying or losing any of your customers.
Now you might be wondering - how do you give away your course? The fastest way to do it without relying on other list owners is to set up a funnel in which you drive paid traffic. Ideally the funnel is self-liquidating, so that it pays for itself. And you can do this by advertising your free course, and then having a backend product that allows you to break even.
Make sure your backend product is a great one with tremendous value, and you'll do fine.

Discover how to engage and excite new customers into taking action and spending money with you by using these simple free marketing tips from Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

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